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  Yavne: About 75% of the K Park Residential Project Has Been Sold
Found in the marketing data of the "Klod Nahmias” Company, according to which during the months of March - April 13 apartments were sold in the residential "K Park" project in the heart of "Green Yavne." Populating date is April 2014.

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Hakramim Neighborhood is Most Constructed

Despite the fact that the amount of cranes is dropping, in Kramim they are still continuing to build vigorously.
In the quite distant past, Modi’in was a destination for nascent young couples and families who wanted to purchase an apartment for a comparatively cheap price in a new city…

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  Meir Amar has been Appointed Assistant General Manager in Charge of Marketing and Sales in the Klod Nahmias Company
Meir Amar has been appointed Assistant General Manager in charge of marketing and sales in the Klod Nahmias company. The Assistant General Manager of the company, Shosh Nahmias, says, “We are glad he has joined us”.

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Do you want a Penthouse in Yavne? Get Easy Payments .
The Klod Nahmias company, which is building the K-PARK housing project, is offering apartment, mini penthouse and pent-duplex buyers the opportunity to pay half a million shekels of the cost of the apartment only in another three years ...
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   Is it a home or a palace?

The location: K Towers, Jerusalem Boulevard, Ashdod
The home: A prestigious penthouse near the sky, on the 42nd floor. Both of the towers will find themselves in fifth place in the country’s tallest buildings…
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  A 4 room apartment in Kfar Shalem has been sold for 1.6 million shekels

The transaction: A new four-room apartment was sold in Kfar Shalem in south Tel Aviv for NIS 1.6 million. The area of the apartment is 92 square meters and has a balcony of 12 square meters, underground parking and storage...

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  The Luxurious K-Towers are the City Leaders

The Reshef holding company that deals in many areas of real estate operates business brokerage agents who specialize in work zones. This week they recommended the most prestigious building in each city. In Ashdod the luxury towers K-TOWERS were selected, located in the city borough of Ashdod and are considered the most luxurious and the most prestigious in the city...

  The Klod Nahmias Group Embarks on Marketing the Platinum Project in Ashdod

The Klod Nahmias group is embarking on marketing the Platinum Project, a new residential project that is being built in the 16th borough in Ashdod. In the project, two residential towers will be built with 11 floors, containing 81 residential units in total. 41 units will be allocated in the framework of the “price for the resident”…

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  The O’Neal Company has Pre-Sold 15 Residential Units in the “Tel Avivi” Project in Kfar Shalem, Totaling about 25 Million Shekels

The “Tel Avivi” project will extend over a plot of land of 4 dunam and 610 meters. From the data of the company it now appears that 50 percent of the purchasers are those seeking enhanced housing from the neighborhood itself and from the surrounding area…

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Marketing begins construction project in the prestigious K PLUS pecan Claude Nahmias of the company when the penthouses have private swimming pools
In the coming days to begin marketing k plus luxury project built by Claude Nahmias in pecan and spread over 3.5 acres. The project design includes a pair of 9-storey buildings with 23 apartments in each building ...

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